We’ve had a long week here. Elena had her chicken pox immunisation and seemingly hit her terrible twos (six months early) all in the course of a few days so she’s been keeping me on my toes. I’m taking lots of deep breaths, giving lots of cuddles, reading endless stories to distract and redirect her frustrations, working on my patience and trying hard to remain even tempered and consistent. It’s a big job!

During all of this, I’ve been stealing every spare moment for my knitting in the hope of finishing my current ‘in threes’. I’ve made it past the sleeves, so now I’m just working on the back of the cardigan. The birthday girl turns one on Wednesday, so this one is coming down to the wire. And I don’t have the buttons yet.

Hugo’s sleeping peacefully at my side, Elena’s at child care, the weather is cold and grey, and my knitting is calling my name. Time to do some procrasti-knitting – the housework can wait today!


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2 Responses to Procrasti-knitting

  1. I love the colour of the yarn : it’s beautiful, and your knitting looks so neat. I’ve wanted to knit the ‘in threes’ pattern for a while : fab.

  2. Your sweater is off to an amazing start! I had planned on doing 3 in three’s next month that is if I can get through the baby knits first. 🙂

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