Spots and paisley for child care

Elena toddled off with Alex for her first day at her new child care centre this morning. My heart was in my mouth! It’s her first experience of an institution, and I hope it’s a positive one. She is a happy little thing though, and I bet she’ll have all of the carers on her side by the end of the week.

I’m petrified she’s going to lose her only sun hat at child care, so I’ve spent today finishing off a new hat for her. I had intended to have it ready for today, but a certain little someone decided he didn’t want to sleep in his bassinet but on me!


It’s an Oliver + s pattern from their book Little things to sew. I like this pattern because it’s completely reversible, and the brim is fairly substantial. That being said, next time I might add another inch to the brim.

IMG_1550The fabrics are quilting fabrics. I think they’re quite fun.

IMG_1560The other side:


Elena should be hard to miss with these fabric designs!

Last time I made this pattern I followed a little gray’s hand stitching work around. No matter what I tried, I just wasn’t happy with the end result. This time around I followed the Oliver + s pattern, step by step. I must say I’m much happier with the end result, and I really didn’t mind the stitching, even though it too much more time. It was quite soothing.

I hope it will become Elena’s faithful child care hat (and that her current hat makes it home tonight!).

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2 Responses to Spots and paisley for child care

  1. Beth says:

    Very neat! I’m sure Elena will fall in love with the patterns as they are so cool. Can’t wait to hear how today worked out.

  2. Laura says:

    I had the same idea when my kids were little and they would go on field trips. If I couldn’t be one of the parent-helpers, I would dress my kids in the brightest clothes they had.

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