Oliver + s haul

I love Oliver + s patterns. They’re classic and adorable all at once, and they’re easy to follow. Unfortunately, they’re rather expensive here in Australia and our local fabric store doesn’t always stock the complete range.

Imagine how happy I was, then, when I was innocently browsing facebook not long ago and came across an Oliver + s 20% off offer.

How could I not?

IMG_1332Unfortunately I didn’t find any patterns I’d like to sew for Hugo, but I managed to find plenty which would suit Elena – just as soon as she decides to start walking (and I have space for my machine again)!

From left – Birthday Party Dress, Music Box Jumper, Ice Cream Dress, After-School Shirt + Pants, and Family Reunion Dress.

IMG_1326 I also picked up a Stitch Workshop ‘Seams, Closures + Hems’ DVD. Finishing seams is my weak spot, so hopefully I’ll learn a lot from this one. I have been hoping to get to an intermediate sewing course, but I think I need to be realistic and admit that it’s just not going to happen any time soon.

IMG_1328The three patterns on the right are my favourites.

IMG_1278Next on my list for my year of online shopping – some fabrics.

Any ideas for online fabric stores? I don’t mind where they’re based, just as long as they ship to Australia.

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4 Responses to Oliver + s haul

  1. I love Oliver + s Patterns too (not that my sewing skill level is good enough for them yet)! Great job finding them on sale. 🙂

  2. Have you checked out Etsy for fabric? I love browsing through the different shops there.

    • Ruth says:

      I love looking at etsy! My biggest problem is shipping costs though – to get it to Australia usually costs a bit so it’s always nice to buy a lot at the one time so the cost is spread out.

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