A happy routine-free existence

We’re pottering along enjoying our current routine-free, mostly-commitment-free existence. Alex is on paternity leave, Elena’s child care is closed and I’m just on breastfeeding duty.

This all adds up to not a lot that we *have* to do. Our days are punctuated by Elena’s naps and meal times – everything else and the order in which we do it is optional. It’s blissful.

Canberra is experiencing heatwave conditions at the moment, with temperatures above 37°C (100°F+) most days. Elena loves to play outside but it’s just not possible in these types of temperatures – so we’ve been heading out to wander by the lake pretty much as soon as we wake up. We roll out of bed and throw on whatever is nearby and clean. Very glamorous!

IMG_2133We’ve had a bit of bushfire smoke haze over Canberra the last few days. Mostly, though, it’s lovely and cool with plenty of dogs for Elena to watch and birds to point at.

IMG_2158The bees are out.

IMG_2162Elena enjoys toddling along with Dad while Hugo has a quick feed.

IMG_2189We’ve discovered that he does ‘milk drunk’ very well.

IMG_2180Elena even helps push the pram.

IMG_2171Of course, this peace and quiet can’t last forever. We’re in the process of putting our apartment up for sale so that we can move into our house. There’s a photographer coming on Monday next week, so I guess I need to get our home photo-ready. Trust me, there’s a lot to be done!

In the meantime, I’m just enjoying the early mornings for once!


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2 Responses to A happy routine-free existence

  1. Shelly R. says:

    You have truly beautiful children.

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