Sewing and contractions don’t mix

It seems my body is following the path it took for Elena’s labour and delivery – endless false labour before the real thing kicks off. And so I have been dealing with irregular contractions since yesterday afternoon. It’s tantalising. I’d really like to give birth to this baby – I’m dying to meet it (not to mention the fact that I’m very uncomfortable and I’d really like to eat some seafood and ham over Christmas)!

It turns out that trying to sew with contractions is rather distracting. Nevertheless, I’ve been pressing on with my Christmas sewing. I tackled the oliver + s bucket hat from Little things to sew today as a present for a little boy.



IMG_9726I didn’t mind the pattern, but I followed a little gray’s hand stitching work-around. My stitching is a little dodgy in places but I don’t think the 4 1/2 year old recipient will notice, and hopefully his mother won’t mind either!


I much prefer the green dots side.


Little Elena found the hat on the couch and now she won’t leave it alone. I think I’ll be getting plenty of opportunities to improve my bucket hat technique.

And hopefully I’ll have a baby soon!

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1 Response to Sewing and contractions don’t mix

  1. Omg, those are so cute!
    Come on, baby! The world awaits!

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