Baby preparations

Well, I now consider baby preparations almost complete! Alex went through our storage unit and dug out our box of newborn clothes which have now been washed. A row of tiny clothes drying in the sun – what could be more satisfying?

We have a few boxes of newborn nappies ready to go and we will borrow a bassinet from a friend this week. I have to get organised and sew up some newborn-sized modern cloth nappies for when we get past the crazy stage.

The three major criteria for bringing baby home have been met – something to wear, nappies and somewhere to sleep!

Now we just need the baby…

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1 Response to Baby preparations

  1. Tash says:

    So exciting Ruth!! Can’t wait to hear the news of when the bubba does make it’s long anticipated appearance 😉 All the very best, thinking of you xx

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