A little too much activity, perhaps?

Well, yesterday didn’t quite turn out as planned.

I had been having cramps in my bump for a few days which were getting worse and worse. I rang my midwife who asked me to head in to the hospital to get checked out. It’s a bit of a mystery but my cervix is still firmly closed and I wasn’t having regular contractions, so a drip and some antibiotics later and I was sent home to hang out on the couch. I’ve been told to cross my legs and keep this baby in for another week at least.

So no more box packing.

I’m going to break my couch confinement for a little while later on to head out and buy some yarn and fabric. There’s a sale on, and I have a lot of little things to make for little people! When I’m home I’m planning to settle in for a long knitting session (which I’m sure will be broken up by lots of reading of stories to Elena).

In a few days I’ll be on my feet a bit more to get some sewing done. I’m drawing quite a bit of inspiration from Oliver + S‘s ‘Little things to sew‘. Such a gorgeous book! The trick is finding the right fabric combinations.

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